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Fin DAC is an Irish urban artist who in a few short years has built up an enviable reputation amongst both his peers and the street art community alike. His globally recognised work with creative themes of the empowerment of pan-Asian and ethnic women, colourful painted masks and a unique spray technique have earned him numerous accolades and placements in ‘Best of…’ lists. His studio and gallery work is hugely sought after and his art has graced the cover of numerous books and publications in both the art and fashion worlds, as well as appearing on postage stamps in Ireland and Australia.

His work is more likely to be found in unexpected places than major cities: from an abandoned ship such as The Black Duke in Flint, Wales, to rooftop installations in Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and more, that can be seen only from the air.

See more on ITS magazine issue n.3

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