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Talk Japanesey to me

Japanese is not an easy language to learn, which is why two local artists, Hideo Kuragaki and Shingo Sato, had the brilliant idea of combining the two most well-known forms of communication in Japan: the art of illustration and the ‘Kanji’ alphabet, making it easier and fun for everyone to learn. Each ‘Kanji’ is different in the Japanese language, so they created a character with a particular meaning for each one.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Japan is “How many ‘Kanji’ characters do you have to know to be fluent in Japanese?” The answer is about two thousand if you want to read a newspaper without the help of a dictionary.

Hideo Kuragaki and Dai Okazaki creations have already attracted the attention of many people. Future plans involve commercialisation and collaboration in various fields with other creative people from all over the world. See more on ITS magazine issue n.3

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