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It's Fun! It's Edgy! It's Italian!

Simone Legno is the Co-founder and Creative Director of tokidoki.

tokidoki started as Legno’s professional online portfolio and artistic diary while living in Italy, where he showcased the illustrations, advertising and new media designs he created for various clients. These clients include Volkswagen, MTV, John Galliano, Champion, Toyota, Renault, Daihatsu, BenQ, Microsoft, Central Narcotics Bureau of Singapore, Telecom Italia and TIM. ‘tokidoki’ means ‘sometimes’ in Japanese.

Since officially launching in 2005, tokidoki has grown into an internationally recognised pop-culture lifestyle brand and has amassed a cultlike following for its larger-than-life characters, megawatt partnerships and extensive range of products from apparel and handbags to home decor and even slot machines. See more on ITS magazine issue n.3

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