EAT DRINK LOVE ITALIAN LTD is a media platform part of TFO, a group that has been present in the UK for 20 years. EDLI deals with brand strategy and identity design such us: brand positioning, visual identity, digital and design development, content generation, copywriting and editorial, interactive media. EDLI has a special approach to event coordination and organisation consultancy. It develops talent promotions and public relations strategies.


 #EatDrinkLoveItalian  festival is organised in London each year . Its purpose is to promote  the "italian lifestyle " and create networking at various levels, showcasing  Made in Italy quality in all fields , in an innovative way. 


ITS magazine is the platform's collectable publication with a strong visual concept and Italian-inspired content. Inside you can find topics related to: food, fashion, art, architecture and design. It’s all English written and printed on high quality papers. It mixes the Italian lifestyle with the English cheekiness and humour in a creative way. As a permanent feature,  interviews with famous  entrepreneurs and interesting storytelling about Italian expats.  The magazine's content is mostly focused on the positive impact  Italian culture  had on others , building this way new connections  with artists sharing similar views from around the world.  

Distributed in London and soon in USA: boutiques-shops, bookshops, gallery shops and online.

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